Most Valuable Assets – Books

Life is nothing but a bunch of experiences. Individually they aren’t much, but when viewed together as a whole, they acquire a completely new definition. How several events lead up to one, and how one event leads to several others, is in itself something worth sharing. When a twist of imagination is added to these events and then they’re put down on paper, they take the form of books, the oldest, but till date, the best source of entertainment.

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Books have been enthralling us for ages, taking us to other places, times and galaxies, deep within the earth, and inside our own hearts and souls too. All of this, sitting in one place, not even moving except for turning the pages. That is the power of books.

Not only are they a gatewy to other worlds, they are also a bridge between a reader and a writer. Some writers are considered better than others because they are more successful in building this bridge with their words than others. When this bridge reaches our hearts, we say the book is touching.

One good thing about books is that the writer does not have supreme control over the content; it depends a great deal on the reader too. While writing books, most authors keep the taste of the readers in mind. And in the end it is upon the reader how he interprets the books. It is not always just about the author’s experiences and imagination, it is also about the reader’s experiences and imagination, how he relates the story to himself and what he takes away from the book.

The evolution of many new means of entertainment has not in any way lessened the charm of books. In fact, the culture of book reading has flourished with time. The development of electronic media has provided a new platform to books? e-books have emerged, most of which can be downloaded for free and read on the go.

Last, but certainly not the least, books are a great source of knowledge and information. Anything a man may possibly need to know is available in books in great detail. This even ensures that one is mentally fit and active.

So it is right to say that books are like a boon to mankind. Reading them provides not only exercise to the mind, but also a much- needed break from the worries of daily life. Reading books provides satisfaction to the soul, which is why it has been said that “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… but hte man who doesn’t read lives only one.”


Tranquillity and serenity

Where have you disappeared?

The whole world is crying

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What will happen to humans?

Harmony does bring peace

Conflict on Earth is bound cease,

Bonding of human beings heralds

Joy on Earth to all sensitive souls.

War and strife do not confirm to peace

Healthy relations are to be nourished

Consciously so as to strengthen life force;

Quiet and calm will work for a better world!

Enjoy Your Life To The Fullest

It is so easy for us to get so involved in our daily problems that we forget what we are actuall living for. It is so easy to get so deeply caught up in the daily chores of life that our larger objectives and greater goals start receding and finally get neglected. We start losing focus on important things and allow mwdiocracy to precede meritocracy. Yet, as life spins at an alarmingly fadt rate, we do attempt to catch up with it; fear of being left behind starts haunting us.

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A better course in life would be to use each day to make a unique mark. One should start taking care of little things and the results would be that one reaches one’s goal. One must start focusing on improving oneself instead of criticizing others and live life with a purpose to make a difference. If someone like Stephen Hawking, who suffered from a motor neuron disease from an early age could become the most recognized authority in cosmology, then why can’t you? Live your life with full intensity. It is worthwile to spread colors of joy wherever we go and maintain the balance between success and failures, hapiness and sorrow? For all these hues constitute life.

One should have guts to take risks- then only one will experience the little adventures of life. It is our duty to be kind to others. One should live one’s life with a goal and practice passionately to achieve a more significant goal for the betterment of all.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the belief that good things will happen and that one’s efforts will be crowned with success. It is something that is opposed to negative thinking which usually occurs with fear, apprehensions and uncertainties related to the success of efforts. Postive thinking however is based on optimism, hope and belief that hard work is never wasted. We often come across many people talking how it should be a way of life and not a compulsive habit. The power of positive thoughts is immense and can relieve people and students from stress consciously and unconsciously.Stay Positive Good Vibes GIF by Positively Present


A student faces many challenges during his time at school. These challanges sometimes implant stress and tension in students. Dealing with these is not always easy and they may remain unsuccessful in eradicating them. As a student is constantly learning, one must encourage him about thinking positive even in difficult situations. But how can they bring an effective change of bringing positive thinking? For human beings most of the worries stem from things that we anticipate and most students anticipate the worst possible outcomes. This is what has to change. If a student works hard for his exams, he must anticipate the best of the outcomes. He/She should avoid thinking about grades or marks. Even if his anticipation is not correct, he must accept it as a call to work harder. Positive thinking does not only help work in anticipation but also helps in enhancing the personality of a person. If a student always visualizes the best favourable outcomes it will help him to achieve his goals easily, enhance his personality, gain more confidence and spread optimism. Another challenge to face would be instilling positive thoughts thoroughly in the student’s life. These challenges can be battled with by adopting the following steps:

*Looking for positive people to be associated.

*Being a happy person.

*Choosing to be joyful and pleasant.

*Being positive with the outlook of life.

*Spreading happiness.


Friendship is like a flower;

She is born and blossoms gently.

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It can last a lifetime, forever,

where to stop and fade in a day.

Friendship is giving a lot of self,

without ever asking anything in return.

It is to be always present, always there,

to do it with pleasure with a lot of love.

Friendship is a simple quality but so rare,

that it should not be stored in a closet.

You must keep it, keep it close to your heart,

so that it brings us love and sweetness.

Friendship is meant to be sincerely


a trust that we hope for forever.

Friendship, rebounds lies and deadly words.

Friendship is being discreet and silent,

It is divided into a group or even two.

Friendship is the joy of meeting people,

or fidelity sincerity these words resonate!

Friendship is one, but be at least two.

Telescope in Hawaii captures Sun in greatest ever detail

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A huge telescope built on the peak of a Hawaiian island has produced pictures of the Sun’s surface in unprecedented detail, revealing boiling plasma cells the size of Texas.

For the telescope’s director, that’s only just the beginning.

The Sun is a giant ball of plasma (electrified gas) that has been observed from Earth for centuries from telescopes, and via satellites for decades. But the resolution has been limited; the Japanese space telescope Hinotori had a mirror of 20 inches (50 centimeters).

The new Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope on the island of Maui has a 13-foot (four meters) mirror, the world’s largest for a solar telescope.

“These images have the highest resolution that you’ve ever seen,” said Thomas Rimmele, the telescope’s director.

“We now see structures that we suspected would be there, based on computer ¬†models, but we never had the resolution to really see them,” added the 60-yaars-old German astronomer.

Images first published Wednesday show a pattern of boiling plasma covering the Sun in cell-like structures. These are the result of violent motions transporting heat from the star’s interior to its surface.

The hot plasma rises in the bright center of the cells, cools and then sinks below the surface in a process called convection.

The telescope came online on December 10 after nine years of construction.

Knowledge Is Power

“Desire for knowledge is the path of honour, desire for wealth is the path of dishonor, wealth is the chain that salves wear, knowledge the kingly crown.”¬†The World's Most Valuable Commodity - Knowledge

Knowledge is basically the accumulated body of facts, information and the beliefs that are acquired through education and experience.

Knowledge is the divine inspiration of god. God created humans with equal brains, but it is the utilization of brain and daily added knowledge that makes all the difference. Knowledge gives us confidence to face this competitive world. It is knowledge which makes all the differnce between floating and sinking of a person’s fortune in this competitive world. It is the quest for knowledge, to learn, to question which is the mother of all invention and leads to scientific discoveries.

Today, people who reach the zenith are exceptional. It is only through their knowledge acquired through perseverance which makes them exceptional and only these exceptional claim respect and status in society, which is nothing but “power.”

‘Knowledge is something which a thief cannot steal, rather it enhances by sharing with others.” The more you give, the more you get.”

Change is the law of nature. But knowledge is immortal. That is why it is rightly said: ‘Learn something, for when luck is suddenly gone knowledge remains and never leaves man alone.’


Hobby is an occupation which we pursue for pleasure and not for making money. The pursuit of hobby is not a wastage of time.

It will not be out of place if I mention the hobbies practised by some prominent personalities of the world.

Abraham Lincoln was fond of farming; Pandit Nehru liked walking; Narendra Modi likes Photography; Ratan Tata’s passion is flying aircrafts.

Now I am going to tell the benefits that we derive from hobbies. Our daily routine of life seems to be dull, drab and monotonous but hobby brings variety in life and makes it worth living. That is why William Henry Davies rightly said:

“What is life, if full of care?

We have no time to stand and stare”

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Our creative urge also finds an outlet through the hobby we have chosen; many hidden talents get a scope for fuller expression through hobby. Poets and artists of the future are born due to the hobbies they pursue. We can thus utilise our leisure time profitably which will otherwise be spent in idle gossips or frivolous deeds.

I have a number of hobbies, but I derive special pleasure in collecting stamps – ‘philately’.

Stamp collection, also called philately, is a hobby enjoyed by many. Stamp collectors relish enjoyed by many. Stamp collectors relish their hobby, and they actively seek out new and unusual stamps to add to their albums.